The World of Business: Inspirational or Not?

Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919)

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If the machine does not give service, then it is better for the manufacturer if he never had the introduction, for he will have the worst of all advertisements; a dissatisfied customer – Henry Ford, My Life and Work

From my experience, most people tend to distrust the world of business. They believe that companies do not really care about their customers and are only interested in getting as much as they can out of them.

I cannot say that such opinions are completely unfounded as some businesses have made this their main approach. Going even further, most people are quite wary of the adverts that businesses use to communicate their products and service-offerings. They believe that they are only being deceived even further and this is where I beg to differ.

As we all know, some adverts can be very misleading at times but there is one point I’d like to make; we are all individuals and for that reason, we see the world in many different ways. Therefore, adverts (amongst other things) must mean many different things to different people. It is entirely up to the individual to take them as they see fit. Using myself as an example, I have learnt that besides the fact that adverts attempt to convince us to buy their products or services, I believe that they go a step further than that and actually attempt to inspire our own creativity.

Some of the slogans that some companies use to drive their point home are very inspirational indeed and to me, they also give us a much needed kick up the backside in telling us to love life and to work on how we can make our own dreams real. I have managed to identify 12 company slogans that aim to do just this:

  1. Panasonic gives us Ideas for Life and tells us that Everything Matters (when we decide to be creative)
  2. Adidas tells us that Impossible is Nothing (so we should at least try)
  3. Honda bids us to believe in the Power of Dreams (they can become real)
  4. Sony asks us to makebelieve (create your own world)
  5. Blackberry says to Love What You Do (and do it well)
  6. Saab suggests that you Move your Mind (this is very important)
  7. Apple told us in 1998 to Think Different (be original)
  8. Nike told us in 2010 to Write The Future (especially in today’s world)
  9. Sky says that we should Believe in Better (ideas?)
  10. Yakult says to Listen to your Gut (when in doubt)
  11. Samsung wants us to Imagine the Possibilities (they’re endless!)
  12. Guinness wants us to Bring it to Life (and watch it flourish)

These slogans literally changed my life and the way I thought about business. The above words in (brackets) are my own additions to the slogans as I tried to make them mean something to me. It was as if the slogans were talking to me personally and they wanted me to get going and begin the creation of my own fantastic idea, just as the companies themselves had managed to do.

I believe that we should look deeper into ourselves and remember that everything (including businesses and their adverts) does matter in life. It benefits us to pay close attention to the things around us that make or break our world and see what we can learn from them, how we can change with them and how we can create and teach better ideas to others in need. In the famous words of Apple Inc., I bid you today to think differently and be lucky!

By E. Nyoreme Nakpodia

The World of Business: Inspirational or Not? © 2011 Nyoremes Books, a subsidiary of Nyoremes Inc.

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