How Creative Is Your Black Swan?

Black Swan

Image by Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

As the Black Swan glides through the waters, she too must be amazed by the beauty and splendour of the bright sky, reflected on the surface of the dark and deep – E. Nyoreme Nakpodia

There are two sides to everything in life; night and day; hot and cold, etc. This duality operates in all things including us humans. Every body on the planet has two sides to them; a bright and creative side and a dark and destructive side. However, neither should be viewed as good or evil for each side compensates the other and actually need each other for their purpose to be realised and appreciated. Our creative side helps us in manifesting our ideals; the way we think life ought to be and our part to play in it.  It allows us to believe in the power of our dreams and to fulfil our special purpose in life. Our darker side on the other hand is actually a catalyst and fuel for the creative spark. If clearly understood, our darker side actually allows us to create new building ground; it helps us to conceive and perceive better ways of rebuilding something stronger in place of what was destroyed.

I believe that fear is what causes people to view their dark side as something evil. In the same way, people also believe that the down-turn of life’s roller-coaster is a total nuisance and fail to see that when we hit rock bottom at times, it’s purpose is purely for us to gather force with which to resume the ascent that will allow us to see and appreciate newer horizons. More often than not, life’s lows lets us understand and appreciate the new good times a lot better than we did the previous times we were on a high. But to have this sort of understanding and appreciation, we need to let go of fear and the only way to do that is to confront that other self; the dark one!

This idea was clearly portrayed in Darren Aronofsky‘s 2010 psychological thriller, Black Swan. The  Academy Award winning film and actress Natalie Portman, both beautifully illustrate the idea that when we get to know and understand our dark side, we are better able to deal with the not-so-bright moments in life. We are able to do this because after we have confronted and defeated our so called demon(s) (or whatever else people like to call them), we reclaim authority over our own lives and understanding will be granted as fear becomes a thing of the past. The character in the film, Nina, goes through this difficult but enlightening process and discovers that although she was a master in the art of the White Swan, she could also control her Black Swan in the most dignified and graceful manner. She also recognised that the Black Swan offered her more creative ideas and allowed her to be far more confident and fluid when delivering her elegant performance.

This is why we must acknowledge and appreciate both sides to everything in our world, especially both sides of our personality and the good and bad times we go through. We should remember that majority of our universe is formed in darkness and appreciated in the light; a child in a mother’s womb is formed in darkness and appreciated in the light of the world; mother earth creates her wonders beneath the ground where it is dark and we appreciate the seeds planted when they burst through the soil, shooting toward the light of the sun. Even when we sleep, we are able to dream, and the body recuperates in darkness. We appreciate this in the light of a new day. It is just the way it is; we create in the dark and appreciate the beauty of creation when the light returns.

Using this, let us all try to emulate the pianist who uses both black and white keys of the piano to express his melodic idea. Let’s try to be like the Black Swan and look at the reflection in the mirror. Let’s try to utilise our dark moments to help us unlock new ways of identifying and expressing inspirational and creative ideas that will help us to rebuild; ideas that will fill us with confidence and be appreciated by all when delivered into the spotlight.

By E. Nyoreme Nakpodia

How Creative Is Your Black Swan? © 2011 Nyoremes Books, a subsidiary of Nyoremes Inc.

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