How Much Horsepower Do You Have?

A ten horsepower engine will not pull as much as a twenty. The man who keeps brain office hours limits his horsepower. If he is satisfied to pull only the load that he has, well and good, that is his affair. But he must not complain if another who has increased his horsepower pulls more than he does – Henry Ford, My Life and Work

Can you imagine being the leader of an ancient army with all your knights, captains, and foot-soldiers? Imagine the sound of thousands of men pounding the ground with their chariots and horses as they charge at the enemy with full force. This is not so hard to imagine today as most of us are probably very well acquainted to Hollywood’s romanticised depictions of old war stories between great empires from China to Mesopotamia. But as the leader of the army, you will be very aware of the fact that in every battle, the side with more men, more horses and more weaponry, has the advantage over the side who has less in numbers. This is also true in life as it is in business.

In life, it is plain to see that the farmer of old who had more horses than his neighbour, was able to plough and till more land in much quicker time than his friend who possessed less horses (resources). This enabled such a farmer to get on with planting his crops; yielding a better return on his laborious investment much sooner than his farmer friend probably did.

In the world of business, the idea of ‘more horsepower‘ is clearly applied and embodied in the auto-mobile industry, where the power of a car’s engine is measured in horsepower. The inspirational inventor Henry Ford, cleverly illustrates this idea in the opening quote to this article and he even takes it a step further. He takes the analogy of horsepower and applies it to the human mind. This is the genius of Henry Ford because this level of thought alone, marked him as someone who was clearly light-years ahead of his peers. We are only just beginning to understand the profoundness of such a simple statement made over a century ago.

Henry Ford simply states that individuals are personally responsible for how much mind power they choose to pull. As we have already established, the more horses or ‘resources’ you have to work with, the better are your chances of success and victory in your chosen endeavour. The more men and horses you have as a warlord, the higher your chances of victory in battle becomes. The more horsepower your car’s engine is able to exert, the more ground you are able to cover in less time. This is frequently demonstrated by the car with the horse emblem; Ferrari.

When we apply this principle to today’s fast and furious world of information and technology, we are able to see that Henry Ford was entirely right in saying that the modern entrepreneur who has managed to attain as much ‘mind-power‘ as the ancient warlord who had ample soldiers and ‘horsepower‘ in battle, was by far more likely to be propelled to higher heights a lot sooner than the man or warlord who has little or no mind and horse-power. The effect of this principle is also reflected on a person’s financial bottom line as hinted by the bank with the horse logo; Lloyds Tsb. The more horsepower, manpower and mind-power you possess, the more money you are likely to have. Furthermore, the potential for creating more money is also increased. There is truly power in numbers and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is someone who has brilliantly applied this idea today. His ‘virtual-army’ is over half-a-billion strong. Now that’s a lot of horsepower! This makes Facebook in regards to population, the third largest country in the world after China and India who both have a population of 1.3 and 1.2 billion people, respectively.

It is fairly obvious that when we increase our physical and mental resources (horsepower), we are able to achieve more, with less effort, in less time. So, as we continue to build and create our sustainable future during these difficult times, let us remember that we can elevate ourselves to newer heights and see better horizons if we are able to develop our mental capacity and change our unproductive ways of thinking. Most importantly, if we are able to combine our mental and physical forces and work together in a spirit of harmony, peace and unity, we the human race will be able to overcome all the obstacles in the business of life and the life of business. We will gain a much finer and clearer understanding of all things as we learn and appreciate new creative ideas from one another. In this way, we will stand a greater chance of achieving any and every thing we have ever dreamed.


By E. Nyoreme Nakpodia

How Much Horsepower Do You Have? © 2011 Nyoremes Books, a subsidiary of Nyoremes Inc.


    • Nyoremes Weblog
    • May 12th, 2011

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    • Emma Bonfield
    • May 13th, 2011

    “Most importantly, if we are able to combine our mental and physical forces and work together in a spirit of harmony, peace and unity, we the human race will be able to overcome all the obstacles in the business of life and the life of business.”

    Love this Efe! If we all combine our horses, we can be truly great. xx

      • Nyoremes Weblog
      • May 13th, 2011

      We sure can Emma, thanks x

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