Domains for Trade, Travel and Transport

I’ve always said to my men friends, if you really care for me darling, you will give me territory. Give me land, give me land – Eartha Kitt.

I sometimes wonder if students, professionals, and entrepreneurs ever think deeply enough about territories. A lot of people study, work, and create solutions for organisations that operate in different spaces and territories, yet very few people have any real influence over the territories they live, study, and work in.

For example, there are people who live in properties they do not own. They are people who travel to places they have no influence over, in vehicles they didn’t build. Everyone has the freedom to choose where and how they wish to live and travel. But without ownership or influence over the very things that make this possible, we have to pay for the privilege. The more we have to pay out, the less we are able to keep in, and this reduces our level of influence within our territory.

I know that life consists of many different things and experiences, but I have found that there are 3 essential and inter-related things all humans need to do in order to live.  To survive, we must trade. In order to trade, we must travel. And to travel, we need transportation. How is this relevant to domains and territories? Well trade, travel, and transport all occur in each of our planet’s 4 territories which are land, sea, airspace, and most recently, the ether. To operate in any of these spaces, there are people, institutions and governments that we must consider because they exert control over these domains either through ownership, development or defense.

How to Have Influence and Control within Territories

Some people are disheartened and believe that there is no way they can gain control or exert influence over any domain in today’s world, but there are many ways and I’ll show you here:


To have influence and control on Terra-firma, you could do so with real estate. You would invest in the buying, holding, and selling of land and properties. As a land owner, you would offer people and businesses residential and commercial properties for rent or sale. You would lease or sell plots of land to property developers. You could allow public infrastructures for travel like roads and train-lines to be built across your land and be compensated for it.

Sea and Sky

These two domains are hardly owned by private individuals and as such are usually controlled by the government of  sovereign states. For security reasons the sea and the sky are constantly patrolled by a country’s naval and air forces respectively. Anyone who is authorised to operate within such spaces must compensate the government of the countries they enter.

The Ether

The invisible waves of the ether is a relatively new domain for man. Nevertheless, we have found a way to harness the power of the ethereal substance through the invention of the Internet. If there is a territory that we should be more concerned with at this period in time, the Internet is it. People are already carving out huge portions for themselves by acquiring and developing domains online.

It is cheap and easy to buy domain-names. A lot of people are doing just that and developing creative platforms that encourage trade and much more within this territory. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are beginning to exert real influence and control in this ethereal space by creating and designing structures that better help people to connect, share ideas, and much more.

Other companies like Amazon, Apple, and Samsung have decided to wield influence in this domain via the trade and transportation route, which leads on to my next point.

Trade, Transport and Construction

Gaining ownership or serious influence in one or more of the aforementioned territories can sometimes seem difficult or impossible due to over-saturation, or the barriers-to-entry which the owners have put up. However, some people have realised that they can still gain entry by creating ways for people to trade and travel within these spaces.

On land, some people and companies design and build transportation services like automobiles and networks that enable people to travel for business or leisure. Companies that construct cars, trains, and infrastructure have found a way to make this territory pay them.

On the sea and in the sky, people have come together to create ships and aircraft that are used for both commercial and private purposes.

And on the internet, companies like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are creating devices that help us navigate and travel through the ethereal world of information. Such companies and people understand the importance of accessibility and are gaining control by providing mediums that enable us to travel through the digital world. Other companies like Amazon, have decided to become merchants and bring the market to the people. They are gaining influence and control in the ethereal domain through trade.

Manufacture and Distribution

Other people and companies who find that they cannot enter the market through trade or transportation have decided to manufacture and distribute the parts and components needed for the development of transportation services. There are companies who do not manufacture cars, ships, aircraft or computers, but they supply and deliver the parts needed for their construction. It may not look like it, but such people and companies are very influential within the territories they serve and as such, have gained themselves some sort of control.

So, the next time you think of domains and territories, remember that you too can gain control and influence either through ownership and development, or through the manufacture and distribution of products and services that facilitate trade and travel within your territory(s).

Now get out there, have fun and be lucky!

By E. Nyoreme Nakpodia

Domains for Trade, Travel and Transport © 2012 Nyoremes Books, a subsidiary of Nyoremes Inc.

Creative Commons Licence

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    • August 31st, 2012

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